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Milk teeth begin to grow in a normal baby from 6 months. The anterior milk teeth begin to emerge, then the posterior molars. It remains in the mouth for approximately 72 months, and then the milk teeth begin to fall, then the permanent teeth begin to come out.

Child Dentistry

The PEDODONTICS; It is a branch of dentistry that examines the oral and dental health and treatments of children (0-14) years old from birth to adolescence.

Pediatric dentists tend people  to the accurate treatment by solving the problems , if there is any existing a problem or any fault  in growing development by interfering the dental problems which are occured in future in advance with functional treatment and by analyzing your teeth and jaw.

Milk teeth are infancy teeth that emerge in the age of breastfeeding. Milk teeth are 20 in total.

The first task of milk teeth is to provide the child with nutrition. Accurate development of speaking is bound up with existing of milk teeth. The milk teeth protect the area they cover for permanent teeth that will replace them and guide them when applying permanent teeth. When the milk tooth is pulled early, this natural placeholder function is also eliminated.

Milk teeth start coming out in a normal baby from 6 months. First the front teeth of the milk and then the back teeth start to emerge. It remains in the mouth for approximately 72 months, after which the milk teeth begin to fall and the permanent teeth begin to come out.

Milk teeth are can be decayed  and swelled  like permanent teeth. Protection treatments can be made on milk teeth without decay . Treatments such as fluorine varnishing, gel application are aimed at protecting  the teeth which are not rot.  Apart from these, compomer fillings, canal treatment and veneers can be applied to milk teeth.

We offer all kinds of oral and dental health care services that do not require general anesthesia in our clinic by using the most up-to-date equipment within the framework of a team work with our expert pedodontist.

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