Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants in Turkey

All On 4 / All On 6 Dental Treatments

Dental implant is a treatment method performed by replacing lost teeth with artificial tooth roots. The implant is shaped like a screw and is inserted into the jawbone. This screw fuses with the bone within a few months and a strong bond is formed. A porcelain tooth is then placed over the implant, resulting in a smile that looks the same as natural teeth. A dental implant provides a permanent replacement for lost teeth and functions in the same way as natural teeth. As Venedik Dental Clinic in Antalya, we have a team specialised in dental implants Turkey. We offer our patients a safe and effective treatment using the latest technology and materials in our clinic. You can contact us immediately for dental implants in Turkey.

Human may lose their teeth in their life, whether due accidents or natural causes, and dental implants are considered the best solution to replace the missing teeth. Basically, a dental implant is a ‘screw’ that goes through the bone and plays the role of a tooth root. The implants are made of a variety of materials such as titanium, zirconium and ceramics. Titanium is the most preferred and suggested material with benefits like it being biocompatible. The implant used in the treatment of missing teeth is placed into the jawbone and acts like a tooth root. Thus we perform your treatment without damaging to firm teeth located next to the missing teeth, which means without cutting or shaving any tooth.

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Zirconium Implant : are produced in order to increase the resistance of titanium implants and generally used for rising the endurance in the narrow jawbone. There is no difference from titanium except durability.

Mr Paul from Ireland changed her life with a whole new smile with All on 4 for top jaw and All on 6 for bottom jaw.

How the implant process is done:

Ask Your Specialist Doctors

    What is All On Four 

    The All on 4 technique is rapid and effective method so as to eliminate the conditions require advanced surgery due to insufficiency of bone, bone joint and sinus lifting in patients who have no teeth or are likely to remain toothless.

    ‘All on 4’ treatment is the technique in which fixed full jaw prosthetic restoration is performed on 4-6 implants in the same day by surgery.

    The difference between standard implants and ‘All on four’ implants is their positioning within mouth.

    Normally 8 or 10 implants can be located in a jaw which is absence of teeth, but 4 implants are sufficient for this treatment by All on 4 technique.

    When the new crows are returned to the clinic, they will be cemented to the teeth.
    This whole treatment may take 2-3 visits to your dentist in 1 week.

    Mrs Arlin from Ireland changed her life with a whole new smile with 8 implants and 28 crowns.

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    Who Can Get Implant Treatment Done ? 

    Dental Implants treatment can be carried out the people who are over 18 and have a proper jawbone structure for implant and who have completed facial development.

    In diabetics, after the confirmation done by their doctor with follow-up, all essential examinations are carried out and the treatment is started.

    Patients who take bisphosphonate pills due to radiotherapy, chemotherapy and bone resorption should be tended prosthetic (artificial teeth) treatments rather than implant.

    Patients should have enough bone and healthy gums to hold the implant. Otherwise implant cannot hold the bones and it might fail.

    They also must be committed to good oral hygiene. People who smokes a lot and suffering from chronic disorders such as diabetes or patients who have had radiation therapy  need to be get checked their compatibility. People who meet these criteria can have dental implants in Turkey

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    Ask Your Specialist Doctors

      What is The Process of Implant Treatment ?

      Waiting For Bone Growth


      Osseointegration (oss-ee-oh-in-tuh-GRAY-shun) starts after the metal implant post is placed in your jawbone.

      The jawbone grows into and joins with the surface of the dental implant throughout this procedure.

      This process, which can take many months, assists in establishing a stable foundation for your new artificial tooth, much like roots do for natural teeth.

      Placing The Abutment

      When osseointegration is complete, further surgery may be required to insert the abutment, which is the portion to which the crown will eventually be attached.

      This small surgery is usually performed in an outpatient setting under local anaesthetic.

      • Your oral surgeon reopens your gums to expose the dental implant before placing the abutment.

      • The dental implant is attached to the abutment.

      • The gum tissue is then closed around the abutment, but not over it.

      When the dental implant metal post is inserted, the abutment is sometimes linked to it. This eliminates the need for a second surgical procedure.

      However, because the abutment extends outside the gumline, it is visible when you open your mouth – and will remain so until your dentist completes the tooth prosthesis.

      Some people choose to have the abutment installed in a separate surgery because they don’t like the way it looks.

      Your gums must recover for two weeks after the abutment is implanted before the artificial tooth can be connected.

      In Which Cases is Implant Not Carried Out ? 

      In Diabetes and Diabetes Patients;

      It is not possible to say that implants are never applied to patients with diabetes.

      The level of the disease must be under control to perform implant process in diabetic patients.

      Diabetes patients are considered to be risky due to both slow tissue healing and high risk of infection.

      Diabetics who get implant done should not miss dental controls after treatment and should pay close attention to the hygiene rules required for oral care.

      As high blood pressure patients are more sensitive to conditions such as pain or stress, blood pressure might rise whilst implant treatment and can lead to troublesome problems.

      For this reason, blood pressure of patient should be inspected until implant process finishes.

      Can Implants Be Rejected By The Body ? 

      Dental implants are made of substances that do not have any side effects for the organism and have been studied for years with intensive research.

      These substances have never been part of a living organism.

      Titanium used for implant treatment is the most used and accepted implant material all over the world.

      It is used by dentists as it adapts quickly to the body and is not easily rejected by the body.

      However, there may be some risks of infection in patients as a result of not performing the correct oral care and not following the hygiene rules after the implant treatment.

      Situations That The Jaw Bone is Not Suitable;

      In implant applications, the quantity of the jawbone where the implant will be placed is very important.

      Titanium implants are usually produced in a certain diameter and length.

      The dentist decides the implant size according to the condition of the jaw bone.

      If patient’s jawbone is not enough thick or long to allow implant application, Bone grafting makes it possible for people with inadequate bone to benefit from dental implants; allowing them to look forward to having a solution for missing teeth using implants.

      We will discuss with the patient and it can be decided to make that the dentist fit the jaw bone by surgical intervention.

      Implant application is very risky in patients with blood clotting disorders; therefore it is not usually applied.

      What Should Be Considered After Implant ?

      Our expert dentists will frequently inform and advise you about what you need or not.
      You will definitely get your treatment done in a healthy way without taking any wrong step by our expert staff who can help you in every process.

      1. How should Oral Care be after implant   ?

      The first two days after the implant application is really significant. Much attention should be paid to oral care and should be avoided some movements which can cause pressure in this period.

      If possible, the mouth should not be rinsed and gargled by any liquid in first a couple day.

      Mouth internal cleaning must be done by brush or dental floss in gently way, especially it must not be performed too much pressure onto implant areas.

      Implant areas can be cleaned by cotton.


      3. What should be considered after the implant application?

      *The bottom area of the implants should be cleaned with dental floss in correct way. It must be taken care not to damage the stability of the implant during cleaning.

      *The interface brush is an important dental cleaning tool that patients who had done implants should use.

      * Nothing should be eaten for the first 2-3 hours after the implant. It is necessary to avoid too hot and too cold foods and drinks for the first 24 hours, and especially soft foods should be preferred for meals.

      * The first 12 hours should not be brushed or gargled. After 36 hours, mouthwash should be done twice a day for 2 weeks if possible.

      * Smoking and alcohol should never be used during the first 24 hours. The implant spot is sensitive to infection. If possible, it is especially beneficial to stay away from smoking until your treatment is finished.

      * Bleeding of your gums is really normal for a couple days. To stop or reduce bleeding, you can clean the implant area without applying too much pressure with a soft sterile cloth or damp cotton.

      * Pay attention to use painkillers or antibiotics given by the dentist as recommended. In any adverse situation, you should contact with your dentist.

      *It is normal for the first few days to have swelling in the mouth and face area. Ice treatment can be done especially for skewers that will emerge in the under eye area.

      * In case of unexpected situations, you should get in touch with your dentist .

      2. What should I eat after implant treatment?

      In the implant treatment, it is necessary to pay attention to the nutrition issue until the 2-6 months period after the implant is located in the jaw.

      Avoid extreme hot or cold foods, soft and warm foods should be preferred instead of hard foods.

      What is All On 6 Implants?

      What is all on 6 implants? All on 6 implants is a technique to apply a permanent fixed prosthesis to the upper or the lower jaw.

      Thanks to this method, dental implants in Turkey are done in a very advanced technology technique. All on 6 implants are suitable for certain patients who has had bone loss. The patients who are the perfect candidates for all on 6 implants may have lost bones in the posterior tooth areas.

      Thanks to the dental implants in Turkey, the patient’s mouth can be reconstructed using all on six implants procedure even after the patient has lost several numbers of teeth. This procedure helps the patients have a more natural look. The procedure does not require bone grafting.

      All On 6 How Are Implants Applied?

      Dental implants have three main processes: Before, during and after the procedure.

      – Before the All on 6 dental implant procedure: During this process, the dentist examines the patient’s mouth and bone density. After the examination, the dentist recommends the best treatment for the patient.

      – During the All on 6 dental implant procedure: First, the patient is given local anesthesia. Then the dental implants are placed by the dentist. The dentist can attach a temporary prosthesis to the dental implants so that patients can leave happy with their teeth.

      – After 6 dental implant procedures: The healing procedure takes 3 months. It is important to be careful about eating hard foods during the healing period.

      Dental Implants in Turkey

      Turkey is one of the best places to have dental implants. If you are looking for Antalya professional dental implant, you should visit Venedik Dental Clinic, or give a call. Venedik Dental Clinic is located in Antalya, Turkey and experienced and qualified dentists and specialists work there. You can contact us immediately for dental implant in Turkey.

      Is Dental Implant a Painful Procedure?

      Before the process starts, the spot where the implant is located is numbed so you can’t feel any pain. But it is normal to feel some sensitivity/pain and swelling after the procedure but it heals with time (2-4 days)

      What should be considered after the implant?

      You need to stick with soft foods and cold liquids, and definitely avoid hot liquids and spicy meals for a few days following oral surgery.

      You need to stop spitting for 24 hours after the implant process. Because if you lose the clot in the implant spot, bleeding will keep going and the healing time will be longer than normal.

      After 3-4 days, you should be able to return to a normal diet, but avoid biting on hard items in the area of the implant until it is fully healed.

      How many years does a dental implant last?

      Dental implants are designed to be a permanent solution to tooth loss and they can last between 20 and 30 years. In fact, with proper oral hygiene care, dental implants can last for decades or a lifetime.

      In which cases is an implant necessary?

      The implant used in the treatment of missing teeth is placed into the jawbone and acts like a tooth root. Also, dental implants are a perfect option for people who have no teeth in order to make a full arch of teeth permanently instead of removable dentures.

      What are the Side Effects of Dental Implant?

      -Infection at the implant spot, Injury or damage to surrounding structures, such as other teeth or blood vessels

      -Nerve damage, which can cause pain, numbness or tingle in your jawbones, gums, lips, or chin

      -Sinus problems, when dental implants placed in the upper jaw protrude into one of your sinus cavities

      Which materials can dental implants be made with?

      The two main materials used for dental implants are titanium and zirconia. The main one is Titanium and some alloys of titanium have become the materials of choice for dental implants. However, prosthetic components of the implants are still made from gold alloys, stainless steel, and cobalt-chromium and nickel-chromium alloys.

      What are the Advantages of All On 4 Implant Treatment?

      1-Affordable Dental Restoration; in  case of the full mouth implant process, instead of paying for single tooth replacements, All-on-4 allows patients to pay for the entire set of dental implants at once and at a less expensive rate.

      2-No Need For Bone Grafts; the bone graft is usually required when the patient’s jawbone is not enough or too weak to support a dental implant. However, with All-on-4 implants, a bone graft is not required because the four implants are placed at different points along the jaw where the bone is denser.

      3-Easy Maintenance; unlike traditional dentures, these implant-supported dentures do not need to be removed for cleaning. The implants are stable to preserve the jaw and encourage good dental hygiene.

      What should be considered after All On 4 Implants?

      1-After every meal, the teeth should be flossed

      2-To clean deeply, air-floss is a good option to get rid of all stuck food in the mouth, and using mouthwash is significant

      3-For more effective cleaning, using an electric toothbrush is a wise choice

      4-Getting an appointment for a professional cleaning every 3 months so you can reduce the risk of problems as much as possible

      How Many Days Can All On 6 Implants Be Made?

      The process will be located in 2 stages and there will be roughly 3 months’ time-span between trips.

      1. Stage; All implants will be located It will take 5 days.

      2. Stage; All the crowns will be fitted onto the implants. It will take 7 days to complete everything.

      How Many Days Does It Take To Return To Normal Life After All On 6 Implants?

      The process is completed in 2 stages and whole process takes around 3 months. After second stage, the crowns are fitted, the patient needs time to get used to new teeth and it takes around 7-15 days.

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