Dental Prf Treatment

Fast treatment with PRF. “Platelet rich plasma” is the name given to plasma application enriched from platelet cells. These cells (clotting cells) circulating in the blood also help the growth and healing process.

In these applications, the application of PRF, that is, the platelet rich part of the blood, especially in gum disease and implant treatment, provides a serious accelerating effect in recovery. The person’s own blood is taken and centrifuged and separated. The blood tissue obtained as a result of this procedure is placed in the area which is defective. Especially swinging teeth due to advanced gum disease provides extremely effective recovery in problematic implant areas.

In which cases is the PRF application is performed ?

1-Healing of the extraction gap after tooth extraction

2-Around the teeth to be treated due to gum disease

3-Bone graft should be applied (putting bone powder in the areas where there are plenty of bone loss) with bone graft material in the areas

4-In implant applications

5-In the treatment of swinging implants

PRF son derece güvenilir bir uygulamadır. hastanın kendi kanının kullanılması nedeniyle enfeksiyon, hastalık bulaşması (HIV, Hepatit) ve alerji riski yoktur.


The patient’s blood is taken at the same time as dental treatment. The taken blood is separated by being processed in the centrifuge device for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the tooth area is cleaned and the gel-like part of the blood is placed on the open tooth surface.

This platelet-rich part initiates an accelerating healing effect especially in the wound area, wound healing becomes much faster.

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