Denture Treatment

What is Prosthesis and how is it treated?

The main aim of prosthesis provides regaining the lost functions and maintaining the daily life without any problem.


It is an appliance made to help maintain the health of existing tissues while returning the lost teeth and tissues, chewing functions, their contribution to speech and aesthetics.

In general, tooth loss can occur as a result of untreated gum diseases. Except this , dental losses can occur as a result of accident.

The major aim of prosthesis is ro regain the lost functions of patients and to provide to maintain their daily life without any problem.

Prosthesis are classified as fixed prosthesis, movable and implant superior.

In addition, these prostheses are among themselves; crown-bridge, total-partial prosthesis, precision-bonded prosthesis, reinforced all-ceramic crowns, IPS without metal support are classified as kind of prostheses.