Frequently Asked Questions

– The treatment is a lot of work of several steps from shaving the teeth to root canal treatments so that why we make sure to numb your gums so you can’t feel any pain. It is normal to feel some sensitivity and swelling after the treatment but it heals with time.

– We mostly prefer to take cash because banks may charge both of us. But if you decide to pay with credit, of course it is possible.

– Unfortunately, we don’t plan any payment finance.

– It depends on the width of the gap you have between the teeth. It may be wider enough for an implant or just for a bridge.

– Yes, your doctor will describe to you a list of soft food that you will be able to eat. But you should be aware that you might struggle with biting foods.

– With each treatment we give you a guarantee of a specific period of time; you can check all the details on this link.

– Yes, we do provide Accommodation in a hotel near the beach and a VIP transfer to pick you up from the Airport and drive you every time you have an appointment.

– Dental veneers/crowns procedure takes 3-5 days, you can stay for 6-7 days in our hotel.
– Dental implant procedure; if your gums and jaw bones are proper and strong enough it can be finished in a week. Otherwise the treatment will take 2 stages and there are 2-3 months between each stage.

– The price we offer you consists your treatment + accommodation + transfers + dental x-rays + dentist examination + temporary teeth (until your treatment finishes) + mould guard (for the nights)

– No, we guarantee you that dental veneers/crowns will not stain at all.

– Our clinic is located in Konyaalti area in the city of Antalya in Turkey

Absolutely not, the purpose of temporary teeth is to prevent the pain and soreness on your shaved teeth until your final crowns/veneers are ready to be bonded.

– If your gums and jawbones are suitable and strong enough it may be finished in 1 week.
The Treatment of implants is normally divided in 2 steps :
The first one is that you need to come for examination and for putting implants in your Jaw Bones which it lasts for 1 week. After 3 months you come again to put the abutments and the crowns.

We generally suggest to our patients to go with 20 units of veneers/crowns to have an aesthetic smile. Average cost of smile makeover ranges between 3000 GBP-4000GBP, but also it depends on what material or how many teeth you want to get done. For further information, you can contact with our team on WhatsApp.

After discussing every detail about your treatment, we both need to agree on the date you will be here according to your availability.
Then you can book your flight ticket, send us the details, so we can be able to book you in the hotel and arrange your appointment in our clinic.
The nearest airpot you will land is Antalya Airport, AYT.

We don’t really want to give our patients general anaesthetic because the treatments we do take 2-3 hours.
If the patient certainly wants to be put sleep, we can manage your treatment under general anaesthetic.

If your diabetes is under control either with medication and sugar levels normal, then there shouldn’t be a problem to come and have your teeth done. Just your healing processes for teeth and gums will take longer.

If it is necessary you will be given some painkillers and antibiotics.

Experience of pain differs depending on body structure. Most of our former patients haven’t mentioned about pain at all, some have felt sensitivity and soreness after treatment.

In case of feeling soreness and sensitivity, this generally lasts roughly between 3 weeks to 3 months for your new smile to get back to normal.