Orthodontics Treatment Turkey

It is a branch of dentistry which determines the positions and harmony of jaw with head, examine the arrays of teeth that are on top of  jaw , determine  the diagnosis and treatments.

Orthodontic treatment is carried out in case of; non compatible jaw with head, jaw position which is in back or front , crooked and non aesthetic teeth, problems with mouth closing and insufficient chewing activity.

The ideal age for orthodontic treatment is 12 to 15 years old.

How to apply orthodontic treatment;

First of all, the position of the jaws and the alignment of the teeth are examined by an orthodontist by taking a panoramic x-ray. Depending on the problems that need to be corrected during the treatment process, treatment can be performed using mobile appliances, functional appliances, fixed appliances, external-oral and internal-oral jaws.

The most part of the treatment consists of a bracket system, which is fixed to the teeth consisting of fixed appliances, by bonding sufficient force to the teeth through wire in the middle.

Orthodontic treatment can be finished in short term of 6 months or can be finished in 4-5 years. This period varies according to the degree of the problem, the age of the individual, whether it completes its growth and development, the oral health status, the individual’s necessary care for the treatment, and the tooth’s response to the treatment of the jaw.

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