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It allows safe implants to support dental crowns.
If the bone height in your upper jaw is not sufficient for the implant procedure, sinus lifting is required to drill the implants without damaging the sinuses.

Sinus Lifting

Sinus lifting known as sinus rearing is an oral surgery  done by dentist which increase the amount of bone on upper jaw.

Sinus lifting is usually performed in order  to access the implants.

We suggest that procedure so as not to damage the sinus holes situated close to implant placement.

This is the zone where your sinuses are located near your nose. Oral surgeon move up the sinus membrane, therefore more bones are occurred at bottom.

It allows safe implants to support dental crowns.

If your boe height on upper jaw is not sufficient for implant procedure , sinus lifting is essential to drill the implants without damaging the sinuses.

Some patients have sinus which are rather close to jaw bone, and this requires revitalization to make room for dental implants.

Whether the sinus lifting is essential or not , it is bound up with your anatomy of upper jaw.

If there is any missing tooth on upper jaw,  there may be not enough bone to promote the dental implants. The upper jaw has less bone naturally compare to down jawn.

Thus , a significant number of patients need to get done sinus lifting for molar implants. Our dentists carry out this treatment successfully in our clinic.

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