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Implant Treatment

This treatment is made by 2 steps. The quality of the materials used, sterilization of the environment and ensuring hygiene conditions are the most important conditions due to implant replacement is a surgery procedure.

Dental Veneers Turkey

Teeth Veneers

It is a treatment method applied to make the teeth look more aesthetic and natural.Teeth are filed at certain stages and veneers or crowns made with the latest technology are bonded to your filed teeth.

Prettify Your Smile

Teeth Bleaching Cleaning

Bleaching treatment can be carried out to people who are eligible by harnessing the whitening agents given by dentist which do not damage the teeth.

Aesthetic Teeth

Smile Design

Smile design is consisted of many dental treatment methods  from bleaching, bonding, porcelain laminate dental crowns, zirconium teeth, orthodontic treatment, pink aesthetics and implant dental treatment.


Laminated Teeth

While 8-10 implants are placed in a jaw without any teeth in normak, 4 implants are sufficient for this treatment with the All on four technique. In brief, porcelain laminate veneers are used in many cases that disturb the patient in aesthetic sense.

Dental Veneers Turkey

E-Max Veneers

Emax full ceramic veneers are rapidly becoming widespread in the field of cosmetic dentistry, as they have excellent aesthetics and long-term durability.

The Best Solution


The most considerable feature of zirconium veneers is light transmittance. A dark color do not occur on gums because of this feature and the blackness which is emerged by metal promoted porcelain veneers on edge of gums do not occur.


Prosthetic Teeth

The main aim of prosthesis provides regaining the lost functions and maintaining the daily life without any problem.

Dental and Oral

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Detection of symptoms of some systemic diseases in the mouth and congenital or jaw facial anomies which are evolved a while are generally included in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Endodontics Treatment

Canal Treatment

In people diagnosed with canal treatment; tooth sensitivity, discoloration, toothache while chewing and at nights, swelling can be seen.

Sinus Lifting

Sinus Lifting Treatment

It allows safe implants to support dental crowns.

If the bone height in your upper jaw is not sufficient for the implant procedure, sinus lifting is required to drill the implants without damaging the sinuses.

What is the PRF ?

PRF Treatment

In these applications, the application of PRF, that is, the platelet rich part of the blood, especially in gum disease and implant treatment, provides a serious accelerating effect in recovery. The person’s own blood is taken and centrifuged and separated.

For your Children’s Health

Child Dentistry

Milk teeth begin to grow in a normal baby from 6 months. The anterior milk teeth begin to emerge, then the posterior molars. It remains in the mouth for approximately 72 months, and then the milk teeth begin to fall, then the permanent teeth begin to come out.

A Healthy Dental Infrastructure


Depending on the problems that need to be corrected during the treatment process, treatment can be carried out using mobile appliances, functional appliances, fixed appliances, chinrest which are in the mouth and out of mouth.

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