Aesthetic Smile Design

Aesthetic Dentistry is Really Advanced Today

The main purpose here is to make one’s smile more beautiful, better or to solve problems in their teeth.

An aesthetic dental treatment suitable for the needs of the patient should be planned and visualized beforehand, in order to eliminate the existing incompatibility and achieve an aesthetic appearance by considering factors such as smile design, face, smile, harmony of teeth and gums, functionality and applicability.

With the smile design, it is possible to have healthier, brilliant teeth. Many dental treatment methods contain smile design, from teeth whitening, bonding, porcelain laminated tooth veneers, zirconium teeth, orthodontic treatment, pink aesthetics and implant dental treatment.

Bonding Application

Bonding Adhesive system is the process of changing the shape of the tooth by applying some materials on the tooth in a single session.

Bonding application is often used to fill the teeth gaps. It is a very successful method for closing the gaps of several teeth or one tooth.

Pink Aesthetics

Pink gums that have an important place in aesthetic smile design is the process of regaining shape and formation. Generally, in patients who complain about the appearance of the gums when they laugh, the gums are cut by laser or surgical cutting and they are re-shaped and leveled.


Today, with the strengthening of the structure of porcelain in dentistry, porcelains have been used for making dental fillings as well as being only veneer material.

Generally, it is extremely useful and robust in cases where the loss of substance in the teeth is very high and in cases that cannot be restored with composite fillings.

Integrity is created by imitating the color shape and anatomical formations on the teeth where onlay and inlay restorations will be performed.

The stage of construction is prepared with the cavity of the existing restoration in the first session and the cavity created after taking the measurement is closed with a temporary filling material.

Then, at the end of a 5-day period, in the second session, the margins of porcelain fillings prepared in the laboratory are checked and cemented.

The cementation method is the same as that of lamina and is done with the beam..

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