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That must be what they call the magic hands , interest and  relevance are magnificent. I am really pleasent what was done. Staff’s  smiling face, interest and relevance

DGM ckl

I have been feeling a problem for a long time and my teeth have been swinging for a long time. I could not get them done due to fear of dentist. One of my friend suggested Venedik Dental Clinic. I had 12 implant done and had no problem. It is not a something fearfull. Thank you so much,  I am really satisfied , I will recommend to everyone.

Mustafa AKSAL

This clinic I have ever worked is the most honest and most quality in my 8 years assistant life. I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic  to my family, my friends and people I know.


In normal , I have always scared of dentists. After a 2 months of searching , I got the treatment from Mr. Ahmet. Both Mr. Ahmet and his assistant have smiling face ,I beated my fear of dentist , thanks to them. I have zirconium veneers done to my teeth and I can say that  had no problem and felt no pain while treatment was carring out. This clinic is really neat and equipmented by technologic. Thanks to your labors. I can suggest to everyone , thanks a lot again.


Thank you for your smiling face, experienced team and sincerity, I am very satisfied.


Thank you for your smiling face, sincerity, interest👍👍

ilknur Turkan

I really thank the entire Venice dental family, especially Mr. Ahmet , who loves his job so much. Everything that has been done so far was number ten.The only quality address of Antalya. I definitely recommend it.

Merve Hadimoğlu

Friendly service, very good interest and  relevance, good hygiene and service. I trust the whole team, especially Mr. Muharrem and Mr. Ahmet.

Filiz Başaran

It is a legendary dental clinic with very nice and very friendly employees.

Especially Mr.Ahmet is an incredibly good person, I really recommend everyone to go.

Jiala Aliyeva

Friendly, relevant, doctors who give detailed information about everything. I would like to thank my doctor who gives you a sense of trust that you can overcome the fear of the dentist.

Hali Değirmenci

To get my teeth done , I searched too much , either in my hometown or in Antalya. I came to Venedik Dental Clinic on my friend’s suggestion. After stepped into the clinic , I got welcomed warmly and found a really neat place which I care mostly. I have 5 implants done and the process has been maintaining , I want to say that I am very satisfied.  Mr. Ahmet is struggling too much on the affairs which were done before. It is enough to come here and meet the friendly team. Believe me  you will never regret. with my love , Ms. Pervin.

Pervin Ozçelik

I would like to thank all the Venetian team, especially Mr.Ahmet and Ms. Merve. I wish you continued success 🙂

Eynal Yagmur

I reached  Dentist Ahmet with the advice of a patient. I am very pleased with its professionalism and cleanliness. There is a hygienic dental clinic. A complete treatment program such as canal treatment, filling, tooth cleaning was applied. My dentist  informs his patient sufficiently. I am very pleased with all the transactions he has done so far. I recommend it because I am very satisfied.


If you do not want to hide your smile, if you want to have white and healthy teeth,I would say that come here VENEDİK. Dentist  Umut and Dentist Ahmet are the number one on their field.Teeth should not be endangered, I wish you all happy smile.

Lütfi KOÇ

I came to Dentist Ahmet’s  clinic in case of crisis due to  previous wrong treatments and gingivitis. Thanks to Mr. Ahmet’s experience and friendly team, all the bad experiences and negativities I have experienced have been replaced by the feeling of trust. After treatment performed ,in 2-3 days , I got rid of pain and suffering which i have felt for weeks and regained my former health. I received canal treatment, implant and filling treatment and I was very satisfied. I cannot entrust my teeth to anyone other than Dr. Ahmet Atik, whether for oral care or other treatment methods in the next period! I would recommend it to everyone.

Afife topçu

I had the fillings and canal treatment done. This is the only clinic where I can overcome my fears. A clinic that serves with a really clean team and workmanship should definitely be recommended. Do not underestimate your dental treatments.

Eren Turgut

I have been a very successful, beautiful implant treatment. People scared a lot, but neither pain nor swelling on my face were occured. They are doing their job perfectly, thank you very much, thanks to you, I can comfortably laugh and eat.

Elif Turgut

I offer my endless thanks to the Venice Dental Polyclinic team, which started in July and ended in December and made me happy.I lost most of my teeth due to the loss of bone on my palate, I could not eat and laugh. I had an implant and zirconium tooth in the Venice Dental clinic. I was very satisfied and had no problems. I definitely recommend it to everyone. If you have a dentist fear, this is a clinic where you can overcome this fear. Thank you all.

Bülent Terlemez

If you need a dental clinic, I have researched a lot and write here for  you so as to that do not get tired. #venedikdentalclinic  I would definitely recommend polyclinic. We have the fear of dentists in most of us, but you will be happy to leave here, as I am the most afraid. In a few hours, I had 10 tooth extractions and 12 implants done. Do not neglect your treatment, get done it as soon as possible, DENTAL IS VERY IMPORTANT !!!. You will love the employees, they are all smiling and sweet, the photo I added is the next day of the operation.

Firdevs günaydın

Very good implants! We had an awesome service. Everything went fluently,enjoyed our stay in the beautiful city of Antalya. Everything was worth the money,couldn’t wish for anything better. I thank Venedik Dental Clinic for all the hard work they put in helping my dad !

Arbi lamkhonov

The place is very spacious, the doctor is very young and handsome, the assistants are all beautiful, warm and attentive. Work efficiently. My teeth were cleaned up in 10 minutes after the film was taken. Our family is here to make teeth, very recommended

Şula Yang

I would definitely recommend it to everyone for reliability, hygiene and friendly service. Thank you.

Emre guven

As someone who is afraid of tooth extraction, it is true that I overcome my fear here. Our dentist  Umut Urkan and her assistant, Teslime, are very interested and friendly.  They are very successful in their work. I am very satisfied. I see the dental braces here. Dentist  Ms. Şebnem was interested and I was very pleased. A polyclinic that we came with my family.None of us had any problems, we all leave satisfied. Thank you so much for the smiling face of our consultant Ms.Selda . Thank you very much to a great team. you will be absolutely satisfied. We recommend.

Burakhan Dinç


Öz kılıç Otomotiv

A polyclinic where you can entrust your teeth with peace of mind with the use of quality products and professional services. Employees ‘staff and dentists’ interests and relevance are instance for other polyclinics.

Mustafa samyeli

Antalya’s best dentists, friendly people, and their warm hearts tied me to them about tooth issue.  It is so obvious that they are experts, I sincerely recommend it to everyone. You are the indispensable.

Barış Kayhan

Venice Dental Clinic, where we started dental treatment with my wife, is a center in order to go in case of  hygiene and specialist dentists. Mr. Ahmet and Mr. Umut Bey help you easily overcome your fear of dental treatment with their expertise and sympathetic approach.

Halim Şener

What a perfect interest and care. They treated me  like I was the owner of clinic.  I really thank you, especially to  Dr. Muharrem.

ömer gülçek

A very friendly team. I recommend it to everyone.

Cüney öziş

I wouldn’t want to hear the dentist, until Venice met the clinic. I made them really struggled, but I have never felt any pain. Half of 32 teeth have been renewed. Thank you Venedik Dental Clinic, Thank you Dentist Ahmet, Thank you Dentist Umut, Thank you Venedik Dental Clinic Staff.

Metin Altan

A place where everyone in the clinic does their job properly. This clinic is the answer to the question of how a person  goes willingly to the dentist. You can go without thinking a second time. You can notice  after the first step into the clinic, there is a smiling and complete support. I would like to thank , especially Ahmet Bey for his help. I recommend it very much.

sevim meşeci

They provide very relevant and timely service. They finish their work on time they say. I got good service. I have had zirconium, I’m very glad, thanks.


The best polyclinic I have ever been to in Antalya. I had a zirconium veneers, thank you very much for the interest and interest of Doctor Ahmet.

ergün can vesek

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